When I was lying in the V.A. hospital with a big hole blown through the middle of my life, I started having these dreams of flying. I was free.
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DOB: August 24, 2026
Branch of Service: Marines
Employer RDA
Allegiance Na'vi

Jake sully is the leading protagonist in James Cameron's "Avatar" (2009). He is a parapolegic marine, injured during an unnamed war, and replaces his brother, Tom Sully, in the Avatar Program on Pandora. He is commissioned by Colonel Miles Quaritch to find any way possible to cripple the Na'vi, a humanoid race that inhabits the Pandoran landscape.

Seperated from the other avatar drivers, Jake encounters and attempts to become one of the Omatikaya, a clan of Na'vi, who are in the area. Succeeding, he mates with Neytiri, the chief's daughter, who found and trained him to see as a Na'vi.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Quaritch moves forward with his plan to destroy Hometree, knocking it down, anc causing Jake to become an outcast. He returns to the Omatikaya, having found and bonded with Toruk, the Great Leonoptiryx. The Omatikaya and other clans follow him in a fight for Pandora's existence.

Jake's StoryEdit


Avatar 07

Jake Sully in a bar on Earth

Jake was born and raised on Earth from 2126, so he grew up hearing all about Pandora ad the exploration that was going on out there. He joined the United States Marine Corps as soon as possible, hoping to prove his worth to others as well as himself. He also sought the challenge brought on by the Corps' reputation. His mililitary career came to an end, though when Jake was injured in an unknown war in Venezuela. This left him paralyzed from the waist down. His VA benefits couldn't pay for his spine to be fixed, so he resigned himself to living out the rest of his days in his carbon wheelchair.

One night while drinking, Jake started a barfight when seeing a woman being struck by another patron of the bar. He is tossed out by the bouncer, his chair right behind him, and he lands on his back in a rain-soaked alleyway. It is then that he is approached by the suits that inform him of his brother Tom Sully's death. While identifying his twin's body, he is propositioned to take Tom's place as a future avatar driver on Pandora, while having no clue about the details. He agrees, having no use for Earth or its limitations.

Journey to PandoraEdit

800px-ISV Venture Star 3 HD

ISV Venture Star Orbiting Pandora

After a six-year cryogenic sleep, Jake immerges in the Alpha Centauri system, speifically orbiting Pandora, the moon that orbits Polyphemus, one of the gas giants in the system. His first contact is with Colonel Miles Quaritch, head of security for the RDA. He listens to the openig speech, knowing that it is standard in a hostile invironment. Moving on, he meets Norm Spellman, a fellow avatar driver, who knew Tom and trained with him. Next, he meets Dr. Max Patel, a scientist who is involved with the Avatar program. Lastly, he meets Dr. Grace Augustine, his boss of sorts. Right off, she is nnot impressed by him.

He is told about the human-na'vi hybrid bodies that are called "avatars", and told how to make a video log , so as to documet everything he discovers, but the real shock comes when he takes his avatar out for the first time. His legs, once useless, now fully function. Jake makes a bold move, stepping out into this new world in a new, fully functioning body.

First StepsEdit


Jake Enters his Avatar Body

His first instinct is to test his new body, so Jake follows it. He starts off at a shaky walk, progressing to a slight jog, then an all out sprint. Running through the row of plants, he feels that freedom, that release, that he has been searching for. Stopping to take in the reality of what he has just done, Jake is stopped by Grace, who is impressed by his quikness to control his new body.

In the following days, Jake is brought out into the forest by Capt. Trudy Chacon, a cynical and well-trained RDA pilot. He, Norm, and Grace move away from the Samson, choosing to fnd a good deep spot in the surrounding canopy of trees. While Norm learns of the connections between the trees, Jake wanders off into a nearby helocoradian patch, where he encounters a Hammerhead Titanothere. Norm and Grace arre close to follow, hearing the creature's warning cry, and Grace warns him not to shoot it. Instead, he stands his ground, until a Thanator comes from behiind, prepared to attack him. Running off, he is chased to a waterfall, jumps down into the water to escape.

Lost in the WoodsEdit


Neytiri Vs. Viperwolves

While the team searches from the sky for him, Jake wanders through the forest, searching for anything familiar. Unfortunately, he finds a pack of viperwolves. Surrounding him, he frantically tries to find a way to ward them off, creating a torch, and waving it around. When that fails, he resorts to his combat knife, stabbing one of the creatures. He is found by Neytiri, who fends off the rest of the viperwolvees, telling him that they didn't have to die. Jake follows, attempting to talk to her, but she tells him that he must go back. Only when he is surrounded by the woodsprites does she see that something is different. She explains that they are seeds of the sacred tree, or atokirina', and that they are very pure spirits. She then leads him away, taking him to Kelutral, or Hometree. On their way there, Jake is caught in a trap by Tsu'tey. Neytiri explains that there was a sign from Eywa and that the Tsahik should interpret it. Tsu'tey finally relents, telling her to bring him, and so he is "escorted" to Hometree.

Hometree and the OmatikayaEdit


Mo'at, Eytukan, and Tsu'tey at Hometree

Once he is brought to Hometree, he is examined y Eytukan and Mo'at. The Tsahik states that they have had "Dreamwalkers" among them before, but she says nothing else on the subject. She then instructs Neytiri to teach Jake their ways and how to see as one of the Omatikaya. First, he returns to his human body, where Norm, Grace, and Max are waiting.

Once he is awake in the lab at Hell's Gate, Jake explains where he is and what they want him to do. He also hears what Quaritch and Selfridge have in mind. He returns to drive his avatar and starts learning how to get around, both with animals, and through trees. His first experience with a direhorse doesn't go well, but it earns him an amused laugh from both Tsu'tey and Neytiri. As he continues to learn, Jake becomes immersed in their way of life, dreading his return to his human body.

Site 26 and Quaritch's DemandsEdit


Jake, Grace, Trudy, and Norm at Site 26

Feelig the tension, and seeing what could come, Grace decides to get Jake out of Hell's Gate. They move away, into the Halliluja Mountains, and work out of Site 26, or the "Shack". Even then, Jake is sending information to Quuaritch, along with Trudy, knowig that if he stops, Quaritch will shut him and the others down. If he keeps going, Quaritch will use the information to cripple the Na'vi. He feels the pressure from both sides, though. The Omatikaya are training him hard, Neytiri specifically, to become one of them. He is getting closer and closer, but his video logs are reflecting that he is starting to lose track of time. "The days are starting to blur together", and before he knows it, Jake is brought to the ikran nests at Ikrimaya, or the "Stairway to Heaven". He choses his ikran, and it chooses him.

Jake learns how to control his ikran, how to hunt from the air, and finally, Neytiri says he is ready. When he informs Quaritch of this, the Colonel informs him that he is running out of time. When Grace, Norm, and Trudy find out, the former tells him that he should go through with it, but he shouldn't do the dream hunt. There is no true way to tell what the ritual will do to Jake's avatar body. He insists that he must go through with it, though, and so he does. Afterwards, he is told by Eytukan that he is now a son of the Omatikaya, and that he is one of the People.

Mated for Life; Jake's MistakeEdit


Jake and Neytiri at the Tree of Voices (Utral Aymokriyä)

After his becoming one of the Omatikaya, Neytiri leads Jake away, explaining how the Utral Aymokriyä, or Tree of Voices works. She also says that he must choose a mate. Jake explains that he has already chosen, but this woman must also choose him. Neytiri informs him that she already has. They kiss, allowing their queues to bond, mating them for life. Upon falling asleep, Jake returns wakes up in the shack, questioning what he had done. The next morning, he is slow to rise, but when he does return to his avatar body, Neytiri is frantically shaking him, trying to wake him upl One of the RDA bulldozers is coming through the forest, destroying the area. He moves forward, trying to get the driver to stop, but the camera does not pick up his voice. All it does is show him waving his arms. Seeing no response to his shouting, Jake quickly climbs atop the "dozer", destroying the camera . The driver cannot see where he is going, so he stops. Jake then leaves with Neytiri to return to Hometree.

Whe he gets there, he finds the clan is gathered, and Tsu'tey noticces a change. He approaches Jake, questioning if he mated with Neytiri, and Neytiri confirms it for him. A brief scuffle ensues between Jake and Tsu'tey, but as he is about to warn the clan of the oncoming Sky People attack, he and Grace are forced to leave their avatars, their bodies falling to the ground. When Jake sees the lid of his unit coming up, he sees marines restraining Norm and attempting to do so with Grace. Quaritch slugs him, knocking him out, and the drivers are taken to Hell's Gate.

Destruction of Hometree; Escape from Hell's GateEdit


Jake and Grace after Hometree is destroyed

At Hell's Gate, Quaritch reveals what Jake has done to the bulldozer, and he also tells everyone where all his valuable information came from. Grace appeals to Parker about the Na'vi, hoping that he will see reason, but he doesn't. Jake then says that Selfridge should listen to her, and that the Na'vi should listen to him because of his status among them. Selfridge gives him one hour to arrange for the Omatikaya to move.

Jake goes back, along with Grace, to the lab, where they link with their avatars again. Jake speaks, trying to make Eytukan, Mo'at, and Tsu'tey understand, but Tsu'tey states that he and the other hunters will strike the Sky People in the heart. Many hunters agree with this, and Neytiri realizes that Jake knew this was coming. She backs away from him, and Eytukan orders that the two dreamwalkers be bound to Hometree. Though they urge the Omatikaya people to flee, Eytukan and Tsu'tey urge the opposite, saying to stay and fight for Hometree.

Seeing that Diplomacy has failed, Quaritch moves to strike Hometree, first firing gas grenades, and then moving to the incindiaries, blasting apart the columns. In the middle of the destruction, Mo'at approaches the bound avatars, urging them to help. She releases them, and Jake immediately goes into marine mode. Shouting for them to move, get down, and keep going, he is able to keep the Tsahik and Grace from getting blown to pieces. He gets them to a safe place, leaving to find Neytiri, and he finds her grieving for Eytukan. The Olo'Eyktan had been crushed, handing his bow over to Neytiri in his passing. She practicaly pushes him away, telling him never to return.

Jake doesn't realize, but there is an order to shut down the avatar program, and he falls to the ground, unconcious again. Waking, he is in a cell with the other two drivers, He has no idea where to begin, so he sits there, his back turned away from the others. Trudy surprises all of them by pistol-whipping the marine bringing their dinner, and she and Max spring them. On their way out, Jake asks Max to stay ther, knowing that they would need someone "on the inside", Reaching Samson 16, they struggle to leave with the tower on alert, and they do, but not without paying a price.

Grace's Death; On the Brink of WarEdit


Jake, Grace, and Norm at the Well of Souls

Only after they had left Hell's Gate does Jake realize that something is wrong. He sees that Grace has been shot, and he calls for Norm to search for a trauma kit. He and Norm do whatever they can, until they reach site 26, where Norm links with his avatar, going topside to secure the shack to the Samson. He remains there while Jake keeps Grace talking. He keeps stating that she will survive and that Omatikaya will help her. She replies back, stating "Why would they help us?" He takes her to the Well of Souls, after attracting the attention of the clan by returning to them as Toruk Makto. Jake stays by her side when Mo'at and Neytiri attempt the transfer. It fails, and Grace tells him that she can see Eywa. Succmbing to her injuries, Grace accepts death, leaving Jake infuriated. He uses his anger and hurt to fuel his desire to end the Sky Peoples' destruction of Pandora, stating that "The Sky People have sent us a message that they can take whatever they want, but we will send them a message." He urges the Omatikaya people to find other clans, to tell them that "Toruk Makto calls to them". He begins a search for warriors that will fight the RDA.

Grace goes with Eywa

Before the beginning of the war, Jake prays to Eywa, knowing that they can fight, but that they will need help. He asks her to look into Grace's memories, to see what the Sky People had done to their own planet. He asks Eywa to assist in the defense of Pandora, but Neytiri informs him that Eywa does not take sides, that she stands for balance. Jake leaves the Well of Souls, using the power of Toruk, the last shadow, to gather clans for war. He suceeds in finding the the Horse Clan, the Ikran Warriors by the sea, and eventually gathers at least 2,000 warriors for battle.

The Final BattleEdit

Jake gathers the clans

Jake as Toruk Makto in the Final Battle

Jake prepares the Na'vi for war, along with Norm and Trudy, who are willing to die for his cause. Knowing that Quaritch will be using the big guns for this fight, moreso than with Hometree, he asks that Norm go with the Horse clan and ground cavalry. Trudy takes her place in the skies, and Jake, Tsu'tey, and Neytiri all join her. The RDA, under the control of Colonel Quaritch, use a Valkyrie as a "bomber" that could easily destroy the Well of Souls. While the airbourne Na'vi take non the Dragon, Valkyrie, and various Samsons and Scorpions, Norm and the ground troops are slaughtered. They cause damage, but the AMP suits are too much for them. Norm is shot, his avatar injured to the point where he wakes up in the shack, gasping for air. Jake attacks the dragon, knowing that it has to be brought down with Quaritch commanding it. He is pinned, Quaritch retaliating, and Trudy strafes the gunship, allowing Jake to escape, but Quaritch orders that she be shot down. When she is, Trudy crashes, dying in the explosion. Jake calls to her and Tsu'tey, but gets no answer. Tsu'tey boards the Valkyrie, attempting to stop the bombing, and gets gunned down, falling from the weapons bay.
Profile image Jake flying Great Leonoptyrex

Jake leading the aerial attack as Toruk Makto

Jake finally calls Neytiri, and hearing her answer, he finds out Seze is dead. He is shot down as well, falling from the skies and into the forest below. Unfortunately, Quaritch escaped the gunship as it exploded, dropping down in an AMP suit. Neytiri, who has found that Eywa heard Jake's calls, rides on the back of a thanator to where Quarith landed, and gets caught. Jake falls near the area, coming to her aid. He distracts Quaritch, while she attempts to free herself from the branch that has fallen across her. During the battle, the shack becomes depressurized, due to stray rounds shattering the windows and an explosion. Jake starts having trouble breathing in his human body, which effects his avatar. When he falls to the ground, succumbing to the lack of oxygen, Neytiri makes her move, shooting Quaritch several times with arrows. Meanwhile, Jake is struggling to get to the exopacks that are ounted on the wall. He draggs his lower body

"I see you"

across the room, reaching the device, but unable to pull it down. Finally, slumping over, he goes unconcious. Neytiri, noticing the sounds of the alarm going off, follows the noise and enters the shack, where she sees human Jake lying on the floor, his face upturned to the mounted exopacks. Putting two and two together, she pulls one down, placing it on his face, but unable to secure it. Jake wakes, with the return of oxygen in his lungs, and he secures the exopack, catching his breath.


Jake goes through the consciousness transfer

One Life Ends, Another BeginsEdit

Jake's last video log is made on August 24, 2154, his birthday. In it, he states that the Sky People returned to their dying world, except for a select few that chose to stay and live out their lives in peace on Pandora. Toruk Makto is no longer needed, so he returns to the Omaticaya as the new Olo'eyktan, having been told by a dying Tsu'tey to take his place. Jake stabs Tsu'tey, stating that his body is left behind, with The People, and his spirit walks with Eywa. Tsu'tey accepts his imminent death, stating that Jake, Toruk Makto, is his last shadow. Opting to live oout his life as his avatar, Jake leaves the human world and its machinery, going to the Vitraya Ramunong, Well of Souls, as a human. He undergoes the transfer ritual, waking permanently in his "Dreamwalker" body.