You have a strong heart, no fear. But stupid; ignorant, like a child!

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Neytiri Te Tskaha Mo'at'ite is the "Chief's daughter" and future Tsahik of the Omatikaya clan. She finds Jake in the forest, protecting him from a pack of Viperwolves, and teaches him the ways of the Omatikaya and other Na'vi. In the process, she falls in love with him, eventually mating with him, and she assists him in the final attle, saving him from Colonel Quaritch. She and Mo'at conduct the tranfer ceremony, allowing Jake to live as his avatar. She becomes the future Tsahik, while he, her mate, is Olo'Eyktan of the Omatikaya clan, after resigning from his role as Toruk Makto.

Neytiri's StoryEdit


Neytiri, Sylwanin, and others at Grace's School


Neytiri Te Tskah Mo'at'ite, daughter of Mo'at, is taught like any other Na'vi, through song and example, of how to respect her world and all creatures within it. She is told of Eywa and all that Eywa has done for The People. She is also taught English at Grace Augustine's school, but it was shut down due to relations with the natives becoming rocky. She and the others did not return, especially after Sylwanin, her sister was shot and killed in the doorway by RDA soldiers. Eytukan forbade any humans to enter the Omatikaya's land, and so all relations were cut off.

Rescuing JakeEdit


Neytiri Vs. Viperwolves

Finding an avatar in the forest, Neytiri follows him, prepared to kill him with her bow, but is stopped by a woodsprite landing on the tip of her arrow. She interprets this as a sign of the avatar's purity, and so she follows him. Watching from a distance, she sees that this avatar is in trouble. He has stumbled across a pack of viperwolves. attempts to kill them, defending himself, but it is failing miserably. She interveins, using her bow against the creatures. She ends up killing three of them, and the avatar, Jake Sully, attempts to thank her. She rounds on him, stating that it is not good to thank her. "They did not need to die", she says, but he still doesn't understand.

Neytiri tells him that he must go back, leave this place, but he refuses, following her. She pushes him away, causing him to fall backwards, stating that he cannot "see". While he says that she should teach him how to "see", she refuses. "No one can teach you to see.", and with that, she is ready to leave him again, but


Neytiri sees Woodsprites surround Jake Sully

he continues to follow. Looking him over as she catches him from fallig off the branch, she speaks to him again. "You have a strong heart, no fear. But stupid, ignorant, like a child!" She prepares to leave him, but is stopped when woodsprites, dozens of them, swarm around him, encasing his body. Explaining to him what they are, Neytiri is amazed by what she sees. Deciding to leave the interpretation to the Tsahik, Neytiri tells him to come,, and she takes him to Hometree.

Tsu'tey and Mo'at's DecisionEdit


Eytukan and Mo'at at Hometree

On their way back to Hometree, Neytiri comes across Tsu'tey, who is prepared to kill Jake, but she stopps him, stating it is up to the Tsahik to interpret the sign that she has seen. He grudgingly allows it, telling her to bring him. As they reach Hometree, Neytiri is confronted by Eytukan, her father, who is angered that she has brought those he has forbidden back into their land. Neytiri states that she was about to kill him, when there was a sign from Eywa, and so she brought him here. As Eytukan is deciding whether or not to kill Jake, Mo'at, Neytiri's mother and resident Tsahik, descends, telling them to release him and that she will examine the alien.
Neytiri by Aygo 44

Mo'at and Neytiri discussing Jake's fate

After her examination, Mo'at determines that there is something worth looking into as far as Jake is concerned. She instructs Neytiri to teach the "Dreamwalker" their ways, how to hunt, how to see, how to understand this world as the Omatikaya. A shocked Neytiri protests, but she finally agrees to comply with Mo'at's request. She takes Jake to an evening gathering that night, before he leaves his avatar body to return to his human one.

Helping Jake become OmatikayaEdit

The very next day, Neytiri teaches Jake how to make "Tsaheylu", the bond, that neurally connects a na'vi to a direhorse, which is what Jake is supposed to be learning how to control at the time. She instructs him to feel everything, the direhorse's strong legs, her breath, her everything. Then Neytiri tells Jake to say where he wants to go. When Jake says "forward", the horse takes off, throwing him to the ground.


Neytiri Helps Jake with his bow

Later, she attempts to show him how to use a bow, having to correct him a few times. Netiri moves his arm, showing him exactly how to aim correctly. Another thing that Neytiri works with Jake on is how to descend from a great hight, using the trees to help lessen the impact. She does it well, landing on her feet, but Jake hits every branch and obstacle on his way down. Jake progresses slowly, finally getting the hang of hunting from the ground, and after he successfully kills a hexipede with the proper respects, Neytiri believes he is ready to find his own ikran.

Neytiri watching as Jake struggles with his ikran

Tsu'tey, Jake, and two others ascend Ikrimaya (Stairway to Heaven), and Neytiri meets them there, with Seze, her own banshee. While Jake is told to go first, he nearly falls to his death, but in the end, he succeeds, causing Neytiri to watch with pride. After he conquers his ikran, Neytiri and Jake's relationship flourishes, under the wary eye of Tsu'tey. Jake and Neytiri fly constantly, but all good things must come to an end. Jake rins into the foreboding "Last Shadow", or Toruk as the Na'vi call him. Neytiri explains that the last na'vi to ever bond with Toruk was her grandfather's grandfather, the last Toruk Makto. He used Toruk to gather many Na'vi to end a conflict.

One of the Omatikaya; Jake's "Betrayal"Edit


Neytiri prepares Jake to become one of the Omatikaya

Before the ceremony, Jake participates in a "uniltaron", or dream hunt. He, Neytiri, Tsu'tey, and Mo'at are present. After the hunt is over, Neytiri, Jake, Eytukan, Mo'at, and Tsu'tey participate in Jake's becoming one of the Omatikaya. Eytukan accepts Jake as a Na'vi, along with the rest of the clan, and they all join hands, while Grace and Neytiri look on with pride.

After the ceremony, Neytiri takes Jake to the Tree of Voices, explaining to him that he is now Omatikaya, and tha the may make his bow from the wood of Hometree. S


Jake and Neytiri at the Tree of Voices (Utral Aymokriyä)

he also mentions that Jake may choose a woman. "We have many fine women. Ni'nat is the best singer, Peyral is a good hunter." Jake rejects both of them, and says that he has already chosen. She says that she has as well. They kiss, and eventually mate. Both fall asleep at the tree of voices, knowing what they have just done. Upon waking, Neytiri finds that there is something wrong. She sees a bulldozer coming closer, the trees shaking with their inpending arrival. When some branches are destroyed, she desperately attempts to wake Jake, who has not yet linked with his avatar. She ccontinues to shake him, and upon his awakening, he urges her to stay there, while he attempts to stop the bulldozer. Succeeding, he returns, and they proceed back to Hometree, where he hopes to warn the clan of the oncoming RDA.

When Jake attempts to explain what needs to be donw, Tsu'tey questions him on whether or not he mated with Neytiri. Jake is speechless, but Neytiri answers for him. When she says that they are mated before Eywa, Tsu'tey becomes enraged, Eytukan gets just as angry, and Mo'at is shocked that Neytiri would do such a thing. Neytiri is told that if she has mated with Jake, then she can never be Tsahik, but Neytiri states that they are mated. Tsu'tey challenges Jake, and he accepts. Both stand with battle staffs, ready to face each other. When Jake "wins" the battle, he states that he has a right to speak, and starts to, but he and Grace are forced out of their avatar bodies. Tsu'tey lurches at Jake, stating that he is a demon in a false body, but Neytiri defeds him.
01.30.48 Tsu'tey threatens Jake's Avatar

Tsu'tey about to kill Jake

When Jake awakens again, he asks to speak to Eytukan, along with Grace, who are both trying desperately to convince the Omatikaya to leave Hometree. Eytukan listens, and Jake attempts to speak of what neds to happen and what the RDA will do. Eytukan is enraged, Mo'at is uncertain, and Neytiri feels betrayed. When she finds out that Jake knew this was going to happen, she says that Jake will never be one of the people and that she should not have trusted him. They arethen bound to Hometree, while Eytukan and the others prepare to defend it.

The Fall of Hometree; Death of EytukanEdit


Neytiri after the fall of Hometree

When the incendiaries rain down on the west columns, the tree is impacted, and it does not stop there. Neytiri fights from the ground, shooting arrows at the Dragon gunship, but they do nothing to stop the RDA. When Eytukan finally orders a retreat, they run. Eytukan orders his reluctant daughter to run while he attempts to save the Na'vi still inside the burning Hometree. She gets to a place, hearing a tree branch snap, and as she attempts to get away, it falls on her, stopping her in her tracks. The tree contiinues to fall, but she cannot move. As everything is crashing down, she escapes, getting away from the branches as they splinter, falling to the ground. Neytiri searches the area, looking for survivors, but what she finds is now what she expected.
Neytiri cries

Neytiri holding onto Eytukan's body after his death

Neytiri finds her father trapped under a fallen, charred branch. Throwing it off, she attempts to speak with him, overcome with emotion. Eytukan speaks, getting her attention. He tells her to take his bow, to defend the Omatikaya. She accepts, breaking down completely. He sees her grieving, and attempts to console her. She rejects Jake again and yells at him to never come back while Neytiri cries out in anguish over her father's death.

As the surviving Omaticaya heads towards the Tree of Souls, Neytiri stands with Mo'at, watching the flames eating the rest of what is left of Hometree before continuing on with the journey.

Toruk Makto; Grace's DeathEdit

Neytiri follows the Na'vi to the Well of Souls, not expecting to see Jake


Toruk Makto and Neytiri

again. What she does see is enough to send her reeling. Instead of returning as an outcast like the avatar before him, Jake returns to her and the Omatikaya as Toruk Makto. She sees the Great Leonoptiryx approaching, with Jake on his back. When he approaches her, she cconfesses that she was scared, scared for her people, scared for herself. Jake understands, approaching Tsu'tey, stating that he is there to serve the Omatikaya People. Tsu'tey states that he will fly with Jake, and Jake mentions that Grace is dying. He motions to Mo'at and Neytiri, who has stepped up beside her mother. Mo'at says to bring her there. Jake does. When he returns, it is dark, the Well of Souls is ablaze with bioluminescence, and the entire Omatikaya clan, what is left of it, is gathered. Mo'at and Neytiri are waiting for

Jake's speech

Jake, Neytiri, Tsu'tey, and Mo'at at the Tree of Souls post Grace's death


Upon conductig the transfer Niytiri stays by Jake's side as it fails. Jake is overcome wth eotion, angered by what the RDA has done, and saddened that Grace has passed. He stands, requesting permission to speak, and Neytiri joins him. Upon the completion of his speech, Neytiri foins in with the Omatikaya's excitement. She shouts, along with Tsu'tey for the People to ride out and find other clans, telling them to come. Before he leaves to gather all the Na'vi, Jake makes tsaheylu with the great willow, asking Eywa to look into Grace's memories. As he asks Eywa to see what the humans have done to their Great Mother, he asks for help in the battle ahead Neytiri informs him that Eywa does not take sides.

The Final BattleEdit

800px-Neytiri fights quaritch 2

Neytiri vs. Quaritch

As Toruk Makto, Jake leads the aerial attack, but Tsu'tey and Neytiri also join him in the skies with their respective ikran. Diring the battle, Neytiri is shot down, her banshee, Seze, killed by the attack. She is grounded, searching the forests below, while Jake, Tsu'tey, and Trudy take on the RDA above. When the latter two are killed, Jake radios them, and after getting no answer, he hears from Neytiri, who reports that Seze is dead. Jake tells her to stay there, and she does. A thanator approaches, bowind down, ready for her to ride it. Neytiri shouts out that Eywa has heard Jake's pleas for help. She rides out, finding the place where Miles Quaritch has landed in his AMP suit. He persues her, trapping her under a large branch, but Jake comes to her rescue, distracting Quaritch, so that she may get free. Unfortunately, he falls,

"I see you"

his human body deprived of oxygen, and Quaritch makes his move. Neytiri frees herself, shooting Quaritch with three arrows, killing him slowly.When she sees that Jake is down, she looks around. Neytiri sees the shack, entering through the broken glass and metal. She finds Jake's human body, collapsed on the floor, looking up at the exopack that he couldn't get down. Upon getting it on his face, he wakes, securing it. He sees her above him, stating "I see you." to which she replies "I see you."

Mated for LifeEdit


Jake goes through the consciousness transfer

Jake returns to the Well of Souls, this time in his human body, and he is ready to leave his human body for the last time. Neytiri and Mo'at perform the transferritual on him, and unlike the previous attemptt, it works. Jake opens his eyes as his avatar for the last time, leaving his human body completely, having started his new life among the Omatikaya as Olo'Eyktan, since Tsu'tey had passed at the hands of Toruk Makto.