I will be remembered. I fought with Toruk Makto. We were brothers. And he was my Last Shadow.

Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyo'itan

Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyo'itan is the future Olo'Eyktan of the Omatikaya clan. He was destined to mate with Neytiri, the daughter of the current Olo'eyktan and Tsahik. Despite his status among the people, he did not attract the attention of his future mate. Upon Jake becoming one of the Omatikaya, he attempted to kill Jake, after seeing that Neytiri had mated with the dreamwalker.

Upon the destruction of Hometree, Tsu'tey led the Omatikaya to the Tree of Souls, a great willow tree that was said to be the heart of life on Pandora. He agreed to fly with Jake, now Toruk Makto, and along with Jake, he led the Na'vi in battle against the Sky People.

Tsu'tey's StoryEdit

Starting OutEdit

Born to Ateyo, Tsu'tey is chosen early on to become the next Olo'Eyktan, leader of the Omatikaya. He is also chosen to mate with Neytiri, the daughter of Eytukan and Mo'at. This will allow them to take the place of the current leaders, once they are ready. He climbs in his skills as a hunter, suceeding in everthing that is asked of him. Soon, Tsu'tey became be the leader of the clan's hunters.

Enter: Jake SullyEdit

Tsu'tey 4 HD

Tsu'tey and the hunters find Jake and Neytiri in the Pandoran jungle

Tsu'tey catches a dreamwalker, while Neytiri is bringing him to Hometree. At her insistance, Tsu'tey allows her to bring him to the Tsahik. Tsu'tey resents this, knowing what happened the last time any dreamwalker was among them. He follows Neytiri and this demon to Hometree, hearing that the dreamwalker says he is a "warrior". Tsu'tey protests this, saying that he could kill Jake easily. Eytukan holds Tsu'tey off, saying that this dreamwalker should be examined further. Neytiri is told, before Tsu'tey, that she is to be the one that will teach Jake the ways of the Na'vi, and Tsu'tey is doubtful.

Tsu'tey having a laugh at Jake's Expense

During his first day of training, Jake falls off a direhorse, causing much amusement for Tsu'tey, who stops, before his daily hunt, and takes pleasure in Jake's humiliation. Telling Jake that he should go away, Tsu'tey is sent away by Neytiri, who slaps the direhorse that Tsu'tey had previously mounted. He then deals with Jake intermittently throughout the rest of his basic Na'vi "training", while watching Neytiri slowly falling for the dreamwalker. Eventually, Jake is taken, along with other young hunters, by Tsu'tey to Ikrimaya, where the ikran nests are located. Tsu'tey instructs Jake to go first, and so he does. Jake succeeds with bonding with an ikran, much to the frustration of Tsu'tey. He sees Neytiri fly off with him, on Seze, her own ikran, and it dampens his mood.

One of the People; BetrayalEdit

With the completion of Jake's Na'vi training, he is ready to become one of the Omatikaya. Tsu'tey and the other Na'vi join Eytukan in acknowledging that Jake is now one of the Na'vi. Unfortunately, things do not go as well as it seems. The following morning, many of the Omaticiya's trees, including the Tree of Voices, are destroyed by the RDA, and Tsu'tey is instructed by Eytukan to lead the war party against them. Upon Jake's return to Hometree, he notices something different. He approaches in fury
01.30.48 Tsu'tey threatens Jake's Avatar

Tsu'tey about to kill Jake

, knowing what Jake had done. Questioning him, Neytiri answers his question, stating that she and Jake are mated before Eywa. Tsu'tey attacks Jake in a fit of blind anger, attempting to kill him for what he has done, but Jake retaliates, utilising his skills as a marine, a form of combat unfamiliar to the Na'vi, to catch Tsu'tey off guard. Jake demands to speak, but when the RDA pull him and Grace from their avatar bodies, he is ready to kill again. Tsu'tey prepares to cut Jake's throat, but Neytiri intervenes.

When Jake wakes again, he speaks to Eytukan about the oncoming Sky People, and warns the clan that they are coming to destroy Hometree and that they must leave or they will be killed.